Tangerine Dream Weed UK


Happy 65%
Uplifted 54%
Euphoric 54%
Relaxed 51%
Energetic 42%
Stress 38%
Pain 32%
Depression 29%
Anxiety 26%
Fatigue 15%


Tangerine Dream Weed UK Online

Tangerine Dream Weed UK, This winner of the 2010 Cannabis Cup was created by the illustrious Barney’s Farm and is by all measures a strain for connoisseurs. Its ability to knock out physical discomfort while increasing energy is what makes Tangerine Dream so special, and while too much Tangerine Dream may leave you stuck on the couch, this strain was handcrafted to meet the demands of busy consumers. Uplifting and euphoric, it provides users with mental clarity while deeply relaxing the muscles. The orange citrus spark of Tangerine Dream will have you vibing with newfound energy. Its sweet finish will inevitably make you want more.

Tangerine Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an unforgettable taste. Created by Amsterdam-based seed company Barney’s Farm, it is a cross between G13 and Haze descendant Neville’s Haze. The strain offers a bold citrus flavor profile as well as a clearheaded, well-balanced high that keeps users both relaxed and alert. This tasty variety won First Place overall in the 2010 Cannabis Cup. It boasts an impressive THC content that hovers around 25%.

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