Snoop’s Dream Weed Strain UK


THC: 26%

Relaxed 74%, Happy 62%, Euphoric 56%, Uplifted 48%, Creative 30%, Stress 37%, Depression 34%, Anxiety 29%, Pain 28%, Insomnia 22%


Snoop’s Dream Weed Strain UK

Snoop’s Dream Weed Strain UK, Hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg’s fame in the cannabis community is practically peerless. Given his status, Snoop’s Dream is a strain that has a big name to live up to—and this indica-dominant hybrid does not disappoint. The illustrious parent strains are purportedly two of the rapper’s favorites, and they beget sweet blueberry flavors and a pine aftertaste that takes over on the finish. It’s a Blue Dream–Master Kush hybrid with a seal of approval from the Doggfather himself. This cross presents sweet blueberry flavors with a smooth Kush finish.

When it comes to celebrity cannabis advocates, there’s arguably no one more committed than Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, of late). No surprise, then, that this potent strain has borrowed his good name. Snoop’s Dream is a cross between the hugely popular Blue Dream and award-winning indica Master Kush. It’s a balanced hybrid that leans towards the drowsy, indica side.

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Like the man himself, Snoop’s Dream stands out from the crowd with visually striking flowers. Medium to large in size, the buds cluster together in dense, almost spherical formations. The wide, curly leaves appear forest green and have a profusion of hairy orange pistils. Some phenotypes of this strain also have eye-catching streaks of deep purple; this surprising color comes about when pigments called anthocyanins are agitated by cold weather.

During the growing process — a process very similar to the way that depleted chlorophyll levels cause foliage to change color in autumn.   Snoop’s Dream’s already-colorful flowers are made even more vibrant by a coating of cloudy white trichomes that give the buds appearance and sticky texture. Parent strain Blue Dream makes itself known in Snoop Drea’s predominantly fruity blueberry aroma. Some more kushy, woodsy flavors are also lurking underneath the sweeter top notes. When combusted, this strain may give off a harsh, cough-inducing smoke; on the exhale, though, this smoke tastes like a winning combination of fruit and pine. Savor the taste of Snoop’s Dream by using a vape or smoking out of a clean pipe.


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