Purple Orange CBD Weed Strain UK



Purple Orange CBD Weed Strain UK

Purple Orange CBD Weed Strain UK provides us with 10% CBD and 5% THC, a highly desired 2:1 ratio. This strain is a California Orange Diesel backcross, meaning that the male and female parents were the same plant. Cannabis enthusiasts find Purple Orange CBD to possess alluring flavors and aromas. This strain is mostly used for medicinal purposes rather than getting high. However, it can still deliver some psychedelic liveliness.

Some phenotypes express amazing shades of orange, purple, and red on the leaves and buds. The indoor flowering stage takes around 55-60 days, while outdoor growers harvest the plants during Mid-October. This 60% Sativa and 40% indica grow surprisingly tall. It can reach up to 300cm in height and yield around 1000g/plant. Growers who desire bestial plants with an abundance of CBD will enjoy this strain.


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