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Apothecary Ambrosia Vape Cartridge



Potency THC 53% Total Cannabinoids 61.6%

Apothecary Ambrosia Vape Cartridge UK

Apothecary Ambrosia Vape Cartridge, our Ambrosia Cartridges are pure, uncut live resin in a CCELL cartridge. Flavorful,  Potent and zero fillers make this a top seller at Apothecary Extracts.

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Stardawg-S: Potency THC 53% Total Cannabinoids 61.6%

Blueberry Parfait-S: Contains 58.8%THC and also 64.1% total cannabinoids

Death Valley Blueberries-S: Contains 57.7% THC

Flo-S: Potency THC 67.4% Total Cannabinoids 71.6%

Apothecary Flavors

Blueberry Parfait-s, Death Valley Blueberries-s, Flo-s, Starwag-s


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