Permafrost weed strain UK


THC: 19% – 20%

Happy 55%, Relaxed 50%, Euphoric 48%, Uplifted 45%, Creative 39%, Stress 40%, Anxiety 38%, Pain 28%, Depression 27%, Nausea 16%


Permafrost weed strain UK

Permafrost weed strain UK, bred by Rogue Buds, is named for its frosty coat of crystal trichomes and fresh pine aroma. While many believe Permafrost to be the love child of Trainwreck and White Widow, others claim it comes from Kali Mist and Trinity Snow. True to its hybrid genetics, Permafrost’s relaxing effects are balanced between mind and body. Larger doses demonstrate the strain’s potency: As sensory detail peaks, attention becomes transfixed, and a full-body calm takes over. Permafrost is a level-headed hybrid that elevates mood while focusing the mind, letting you keep your eye on the prize with a smile on your face.

Permafrost is a Sativa-dominant strain that is named for the thick, frosty layer of trichomes that the buds of this strain are typically covered in.

Users often feel uplifted and focused. This strain is good for morning or afternoon use as the energizing and uplifting effects often makes users feel a need to get stuff done. Users that choose this strain should be aware that it comes with all the usual side effects of most strains – cotton mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness and headaches.

This hybrid is most often reportedly used to alleviate overwhelming stress, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and tension typically brought on by depression-related disorders. Following closely are those who deal with constant aches and pains, though this strain offers little respite from severe chronic pain (see strains dedicated to pain management here). Some users choose it to induce appetites and calm queasy stomachs as well.


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