Mr. Nice marijuana Strain UK


THC: 13% – 19%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Relaxed 60%, Happy 51%, Euphoric 50%, Sleepy 39%, Uplifted 37%, Stress 43%, Pain 35%, Anxiety 35%, Insomnia 27%, Depression 22%


Mr. Nice marijuana Strain UK

Mr. Nice marijuana Strain UK. Between the legendary G13 strain and the Hash Plant. Previously unavailable since the ’80s, Sensi Seed Bank has put this strain on the market again. It’s named in honor of Howard Marks, the Oxford graduate who became one of the biggest cannabis smugglers of our time. After his time in federal prison Howard released his autobiography entitled “Mr. Nice”. This indica-dominant plant has extremely dense buds with a sweet smell. Mr. Nice will creep up and provide you with a strong, mellow high.

THC range of 13%-16%

Mr. Nice, or Mr. Nice Guy, is an Indica-dominant strain that won second place in the 2004 High Life Cup. It is named after Howard Marks, a man described by the press as ‘the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time.’ The creation of Sensi Seeds, this strain has a THC range of 13%-16%. Originally called “G13 x HP” it is a cross of the legendary Government 13 (G-13) with their own Hash Plant. Mr. Nice began as a limited edition strain, available for a very short time, but in 1999 Sensi Seeds released the strain again with its current name.


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