Juicy joints pre rolls Uk



Juicy joints pre rolls Uk

Juicy joints pre rolls , but they entertained us with their flavors. They had marijuana themed names like “Cotton Candy Mouth,” “Strawberry Short Baked,” and of course, “Kiweed.” How would this Kiweed joint stack up against a First Class Canna joint? As we’re fond of saying around here, there’s only one way to find out.

This joint sports the credentials that it’s been rolled with premium flower, dipped in clear (whatever that means), and rolled with kief. While all of these things might be true, it didn’t produce a great looking joint. The cone appears evenly rolled with a nice shape and size, but the twist at the end appears to be extra long, as if they ran out of flower while filling it. The extra twist gives the entire production a rushed, haphazard feeling. Hopefully they took more time and care than things appear.

This joint had an interesting odor, but it wasn’t very kiwi-like to us. It had a sweetness that was both rich and natural. It was a little strange since both aromas seemed to be competing with each other, blending into something that resembled the smell of chocolate-covered blueberries.

While the aroma was unexpected, things got back on track once we started to smoke it. The cone burned very well and evenly. And the smoke we tasted was fruity, but not very sweet. Overly sweet joints can be hard to smoke, so we were grateful that this one came with a little restraint.

Just like the taste, the potency of this joint wasn’t as strong as we were expecting. But unlike the taste, we were disappointed by the lack of strength.


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