Golani Pre Roll Online UK




Golani Pre Roll Online UK

Golani Pre Roll Online UK came to us inside a glass tube. It’s a big joint, over a gram of flower rolled into a RAW rolling paper. On top of that, the plant is dipped in hash oil, and the outside of the paper is covered in very fine kief.

Golani pre-rolls are available in a variety of flavors, but when were dropped into the shop, there were only regular and french vanilla options for sale. We chose the vanilla, and were treated to a very strong burst of fragrance, as soon as we opened the package. The french vanilla flavor was incredibly strong. It was so strong that it was almost sickly sweet. We enjoyed it, even though it might have been a little much.

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Golani Pre Roll Online UK

The Golani pre-roll came loaded with such a strong french vanilla aroma that we weren’t surprised to find that a strong, sweet flavor followed, once we started to smoke. The vanilla was pronounced, but it was lessened in potency from the powerfully-packed fragrance that hit our nose. The Golani smoke also lingered on our taste buds a bit longer than we expected, and we were kicking ourselves for not having a drink on hand.



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