First class canna pre rolls UK



First class canna pre rolls UK

First class canna pre rolls offers a great selection of flower that’s been infused with oil, and dipped in kief. A “moonrock” in everything but name only, it’s our favorite super-strong bud to pick up when we need that extra boost. How would their flower smoke when it was in a pre-roll? We didn’t know, but we were going to get to the bottom of it. Inquiring minds are desperate to know.

First class canna pre rolls UK

Not only does this joint look great, but it gets an A for presentation, as well. Coming to us inside a glass tube with two strike-anywhere matches included, this joint is rolled and ready to go at a moment’s notice. It’s a very clean looking cone, well-rolled, and evenly proportioned. The paper is dotted with dark spots, but we suspect those are little bits of goodness waiting for us, like M&M’s inside a McFlurry.

There was a definite sweetness to the smell of this joint. It was fruity, too, but not overpowering – nor was it sickly sweet. The odor reminded us of an air freshener, but a good one.

This smoke came with mango flavoring, but what was more prominent was how harsh this smoke was. Perhaps it was the process the flower had been subjected to, but this pre-roll made us cough and had a rather tough bite.

Usually with pre-rolled joints, you smell the flavor a lot more than you taste it. But this was the opposite — there was more mango in the smoke than there was when we took a whiff.

We knew that since this cone was packed with First Class Canna that it was going to be strong. But this high was so strong, it surprised us. And the effects came in waves.


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