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Buy jilly bean strain UK


THC: 15% – 18%, CBD: 2%

Happy 63%, Uplifted 55%, Euphoric 54%, Energetic 42%, Creative 39%, Stress 41%, Depression 33%, Anxiety 30%, Pain 25%, Fatigue 16%

Buy jilly bean strain Online UK

Buy jilly bean strain UK is described as being an upbeat and happy hybrid, with flavors of tangy orange and mango. This strain is a top choice for creative minds and social butterflies looking for unencumbered euphoria during daytime hours. She often expresses herself with deep hues of maroon on the leaves.  Immensely fruity and flavorful, the lively high provided by Jillybean is something everyone should experience.

 jilly bean strain Online UK

A quick-hitting, cerebral punch to the brain is quickly enhanced with uplifting, serene Indica body effects. Cerebral, yet never paranoid, energetic with no anxiety, this hybrid is a creative bonus to most situations, social and otherwise.

“This well-balanced hybrid originates at TGA Seeds and its main breeders Subcool and Mz. Jill, though this one is actually Mz. Jill’s work. As the story goes, one day Mz. Jill was gifted an Orange Skunk cut (of unknown origin, likely Aeric77’s Cali-O) with an uncanny orange flavor. Always searching for new and more delectable tastes they immediately thought of crossing the new cut with their potent Space Queen, whose cherry/mango flavors were already a big hit. Thus was born Jilly Bean. These colorful, hybrid flowers exhibit a perfect union of Indica/Sativa bud structure.

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