Buy Presidential og strain UK


THC: 20% – 23%

Relaxed 72%, Sleepy 51%, Happy 45%, Euphoric 32%, Uplifted 24%, Stress 39%, Pain 35%, Insomnia 35%, Anxiety 29%, Depression 21%


Buy Presidential og strain UK

Buy Presidential og strain UK by Royal Queen Seeds is an indica cross that definitely knows how to get your attention with its intense citrus-pine smell. As far as taste goes, it maintains the pine flavor and heads into more earthy terrain. Almost purely indica, this strain hits hard and fast with a sedative effect that make it a popular choice among consumers. The Commander in Chief of Kush strains offers heavyweight physical effects and rich earthy flavors suited for heads of state (and everyone else, too).

Presidential og strain online

presidential politics can be insanely stressful. Luckily, Presidential OG may be just the thing to take the edge off of a hectic campaign. This heavy indica was developed as a cross between award-winning Bubble Gum and none other than OG Kush. With a sweet and piney flavor profile, it’s a great choice for flavor-focused connoisseurs. Presidential OG may even convert some sativa lovers with its easygoing, clearheaded euphoria. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 measures this hybrid’s THC content at between 15% and 26%.

 The buds have a characteristically indica structure, heavy and densely packed together.  When properly cured, buds of Presidential OG carry the rich, woodsy scent of pine. A slightly lemony tang also lurks underneath. Breaking up or grinding the flowers yields notes of spice and incense from the strain’s Kush lineage. When combusted, Presidential OG burns with a surprisingly smooth smoke and tastes dank and hashy on the exhale. Notably, there are no discernible grape flavors — this is because the pigments that create occasional purple hues do not have a corresponding effect on the strain’s taste.


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