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THC: 27%

Happy 67%, Relaxed 67%, Euphoric 60%, Uplifted 59%, Creative 43%, Stress 41%, Pain 33%, Anxiety 25%, Depression 24%, Headaches 19%


Buy Middlefork weed UK

Buy Middlefork weed UK, It is a hybrid strain that unites two extremely flavorful parents. Bred in Washington state between the fork of two rivers, Middlefork has become a local favorite known for its potency and effects. Creativity and energy are ushered in by sweet berry and tangy citrus notes inherited from the strain’s illustrious lineage. A Pacific Northwest staple strain, this Blueberry–Dutch Treat cross sparks imagination and entices those lucky enough to acquire it with an earthy, citrusy blend of flavors.

Middlefork (or Middle Fork) is a strain that’s unique not only because of its bold and original flavor, but because it boasts a strong connection to its point of origin. A sativa-leaning cross between DJ Short’s cut of Blueberry and Dutch Treat, Middlefork is named for a fork at the convergence of two rivers in Western Washington state, where it is bred. Created by Royal Tree Gardens, breeders who have given us other tasty strains like Grape Royale and Black Cherry Soda, Middlefork delivers a balanced and enduring high. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has clocked Middlefork’s potency at between 16% and 26% THC.

Middlefork is distinguished by dense, medium to large-sized buds that have a tapered, almost conical appearance. The leaves appear pale green, set off by hairy pistils that are orange to brown in color.  Cured buds are absolutely covered in crystalline trichomes — both on outer surfaces and inner crevices — giving them a sticky texture and a slight white sheen.


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