Buy kali mist weed UK


THC: 15%, CBN: 1%

Energetic 66%, Uplifted 57%, Happy 54%, Creative 54%, Euphoric 52%, Stress 42%, Depression 33%, Anxiety 28%, Pain 23%, Fatigue 15%


Buy kali mist weed UK

Buy kali mist weed UK is well-known for delivering clear-headed, energetic effects that can verge on psychedelic at times. Despite having an unknown genetic history, Kali Mist is believed to have originated in the 1990s through crossing two sativa-dominant hybrids. This lightweight strain is a perfect choice for consumers looking to maintain focus and productivity throughout their day. Few strains sharpen creativity and encourage productivity like this classic sativa.

Kali Mist is a 90% Sativa hybrid that placed first both in the Hydro Cup of 1995 and the 2000 Seed Company Sativa Cup.

The strain is a powerful two-hit combo of unknown Sativa hybrids that delivers a blast of uplifting energy. Experienced users will likely find that it clears the mind. Some also report that Kali Mist stimulates thought and find it good for writing, yoga, and meditation.

This strain can be quite psychedelic at higher doses, but inexperienced users may feel this effect even at lower doses. The psychedelic property of the strain may lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. For this reason, users should limit hits to one or two during the day. Kali Mist may also cause dry mouth and eyes and occasional headaches.


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