Buy jock horror weed UK


THC: 24%


Buy jock horror weed UK

Buy jock horror weed UK is sativa-dominant hybrid parented by Northern Lights and two other strains of the Skunk and Haze families. These resinous buds offer a fresh, unique aroma with uplifting effects. Best produced indoors, growers can expect these tall plants to flower between 9 and 11 weeks.

Jock Horror was developed by hybridizing Mexican Haze, Northern Lights, And Skunk #1 genetics. This versatile variety develops sweet, earthy, and berry-like flavors. After setting Jock Horror ablaze, happy and talkative vibes may present themselves. Potent highs can be expected from properly grown Jock Horror buds. This sativa-dominant strain is definitely a pleasant one.

The flowering period lasts for 9–11 weeks, which is required to develop perfectly ripe buds. The average indoor yield amounts to 350–450g/m² under a SOG setup. This variety can reach up to 210cm in stature, which is quite significant. Indoor growers need to use SOG or ScrOG setups to contain those heights, unless the indoor plantation is spacious.


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