Buy Ingrid indica strains UK


THC: 31%

Relaxed 74%, Sleepy 72%, Euphoric 50%, Happy 47%, Hungry 28%, Insomnia 47%, Pain 45%, Stress 41%, Anxiety 28%, Depression 18%


Buy Ingrid indica strains UK

Buy Ingrid indica strains UK

Ingrid indica strains is a lesser-known indica, but it’s growing in popularity as consumers begin to discover this gem of a strain. The buds are dense, tightly bound flowers with very little loose greenery, and perhaps the most striking aspect of its appearance is the flowers’ neon green color. These neon buds emit a delectable skunky aroma and induce a reliable indica-strong body effect. If it’s inner peace you’re after, look no further than this California underdog—it brings on a subtle, meditative high that makes everything feel soaked in sunshine.

Ingrid cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. This herb is very potent and largely used for medicinal purposes. The buds are dense, tight, neon green with light orange hairs and good layer of trichomes. Ingrid marijuana strain holds high THC levels, this weed is not advised for rookies or users with low tolerance. Ingrid strain is good for evening and nighttime use due to sedative properties.

Type of High

Ingrid marijuana strain induces immediate cerebral euphoria, boosts energy and creativity. Prompts giggles and chattiness, relieves stress. Followed by deep body relaxation, numbness, laziness, and sedation. Controls pain and stimulates appetite.


Ingrid cannabis strain is a cross between UK Cheese


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