Buy Hay-Z weed UK


THC: 19%


Buy Hay-Z weed UK

Buy Hay-Z weed UK is a strain for all sativa lovers: a cross between a Super Silver Haze and a Neville’s Haze, with the goal of creating a super sativa strain, with a super fresh aroma and a strong, persistent cerebral high. Hay-Z is great for a wide range of activities, making your perception more sensual and positive. It can become trippy for the inexperienced smoker. The mature bud smells of fresh spicy, floral and fruity Haze. Hay-Z likes a lot of room indoors and it can grow into very big plants especially outdoors. But it also can be adapted to the needs of the grower: the vegetation period can be reduced to the minimum to limit the final size. The buds are distributed on the whole plant, abundantly rewarding for the 9–10 weeks of flowering it takes.




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