Buy diamond terp sauce (CBD) UK



Buy diamond terp sauce (CBD) UK

Our CBD Terp Sauce is packed with a robust, powerful Broad-Spectrum cannabinoid profile, loaded with a delicious blend of terpenes (Suver Haze, Elektra and Lifter) from Southern Oregon.

Contents: 1 gram CBD concentrate – 878 mg each container

Nutrition Facts & Ingredient Label 88% CBD, rich terpenes

Serving instructions: As needed

Lab Analysis (below) from 3rd party lab. Furnished by supplier

If you like shatter, you should try terp sauce.

Terp sauce is one of the most flavor-intense ways to enjoy hemp.


\ˌtərp-ˈsȯs | Noun

Terpene-rich, syrupy layer that typically surrounds diamonds, or crystalline structures, in sauce. The low temperatures utilized during the extraction process produce a high-terpene extract void of all plant fats and waxes, so it does not need to be winterized. Terp sauce usually comprises more than 50% terpenes, though all minor cannabinoids and other compounds from the extracted plant are still present and contribute to its effects.



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