Buy Bloom Farms Vape CO2 Oil UK



Buy Bloom Farms Vape CO2 Oil UK

Buy Bloom Farms Vape CO2 Oil UK. Includes a 500mg cartridge which utilizes a universal 510 thread. All Bloom Farm products have a 100% lifetime guarantee. Bloom Farms Vape CO2 Oil UK.

Highlighter is Extracted with clean CO2 in the same way as essential oils; our pure, all-natural cannabis oil contains consistent 45-50% THC content delivering potent and consistent vapor unparalleled by any other brand.
We use only 100% recyclable packaging.

Bloom Farms Highlighter is an easy to use cannabis vapor pen that comes with a pre-filled cartridge. Bloom Farms cannabis oil is extracted using Supercritical CO2 technology and is then further refined to remove plant lipids and waxes. To allow for easy vaping, a small amount of pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol is added. Each Highlighter cartridge and replacement cartridge comes with 400mg of oil formulated to have 40-45% THC.

This will generally allow for 150-200 puffs. The Highlighter is a 280 mAH battery that operates between 3.3 V to 4.2 V and will usually last for an entire cartridge on a single charge


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